Catalyst, King Funk and ElChakotay share thoughts on Street Fighter V

This month I will be reaching out to members of our media, series fans and top players from all around the world and asking them the same 7 questions.

This week we have two Americans and a player/commentator from Denmark. No limits have been set to their answers they can say as little or as much as they want. Lets meet todays group then.

*Note this is based of the beta and early builds of the game at tournaments*
Catalyst – He runs a small website you might have heard of which from humble beginings before the start of SF4 is now the biggest website for fighting games on the web.


King Funk – Fighting game player, tournament organizer, commentator and streamer. Smash guru.  Student at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.


ElChakotay – 5th at Youmacon 2014 7th at Frosty Faustings 2015 13th at Combo Breaker 2015 9th at Summer Jam 9 2015 this El Fuerte player is certainly no slouch when it comes to playing.



ZombieBrian – What do you think of the art style?

King Funk – I think it looks really good. I have some problems with some of the characters’ faces and hair but outside of that, it’s a pretty looking game.

Catalyst – I think it’s a nice evolution for the series. It keeps the franchise’s expectations for visuals, without going too realistic or cartoony, but also evolves the visuals for a new generation.

ElChakotay – I think its looks great! But on PC it looks amazing!

ZombieBrian – Thoughts on the game mechanics?

Catalyst – I like the emphasis on making things easier, execution wise, but I do wonder if the game is a bit too light on special moves/system mechanics. Time will tell, but things feel a bit too dialed back at the moment.

ElChakotay – I think they are good and easy to get use too.

King Funk – While I thought focus attack was not a bad mechanic in SFIV, it feels refreshing to play a game that doesn’t have it. I’m also glad about backdashes not being strike invincible anymore. I feel like those two particular mechanics were some that not all characters could use to their advantage, if they have a bad focus or backdash, which bring me to my next point.

The mechanics they’ve introduced are really good. I especially like the fact characters are given their own unique mechanics that fit with the characters’ overall gameplay. V-Trigger is a comeback mechanic but doesn’t feel that unfair in any way so far. V-Skills/V-Reversals are also unique and interesting depending on the character you play, which I feel give each character their own identity.

Zombie Brian – Overall thoughts on the game?

ElChakotay  – I think the game is excellent thus far can’t wait until they add more characters to it.

King Funk – I think the game is very fun. When I was playing training mode rounds with Kwiddo, I don’t think I have had that much fun with a new game in a long time. Footsies seem to be an even more important part of the game than it was in USFIV and there is very little bullshit to it. It feels quite honest and satisfying, a similar feeling I had with SFxT. Though just as much as SFxT I’m a little bit worried about the game’s appeal to spectators. I think the pace and the more honest style of gameplay could bore viewers, but we’ll have to see how things pan out in the future.

Catalyst – It’s a ton of fun. I’m very happy this isn’t Street Fighter 4 reskinned, and that Capcom went in a very different direction with the franchise.


ZombieBrian – Favorite character so far?

King Funk – Birdie. I play him because he feels like a fusion, not just in looks, of Rufus and Zangief. He has extremely fun buttons that remind me of Rufus’, but just better in a lot of ways, though his playstyle is more turtle-ish and defensive, closer to that of Zangief’s. In fact I feel like Birdie is more of a spiritual successor to Street Fighter IV Zangief than SFV Zangief himself. I’ve already been writing a giant Google Doc with lots of info and technology with Birdie, which I plan to work on until the game is released. It could be a blueprint for a full video guide to the character, but I’ll see what I do with it.

Catalyst – Karin. She’s a blast to play.

ElChakotay – Hmmm its a tie between R.Mika and Rashid

ZombieBrian Strongest Character so far? (and why)

Catalyst – Too early to say.

ElChakotay – I think the Strongest Character so far from seeing and playing might be R.Mika she’s Ridiculous and she’s good tools!

King Funk – I thought that R. Mika, Birdie and Vega were the three strongest characters in the 2nd beta. R. Mika felt like she had tons of potential with her mixups, high damage and possibilities with V-Skill/V-Trigger. Birdie is just a total space control monster with the best normals in the game and a plethora of viable anti airs. I think anyone that masters his neutral will be a force to be reckoned with. Vega felt like a very well rounded character with good pressure and buttons, though his wakeup and up-close game was weak.

But as of now, I don’t have enough information on the new build and what’s changed so I wouldn’t be able to make an accurate assessment.


ZombieBrian – Weakest Character So far? (and why)

ElChakotay – I think the weakest character so far might be Birdie not saying he sucks tho!
King Funk – As much as Alioune is performing really well with Necalli, I still think he feels quite limited in terms of normal moves and neutral game. But yeah I’m probably very wrong about this. I don’t think it’s possible for me to say who’s the weakest.

Catalyst – Too early to say.

ZombieBrian – DLC you would like to see?

King Funk – Cool costumes. I would love to see an Alpha 2/Alpha 3 Birdie costume, but I’m not sure if that’s even doable considering it might cause trouble with his hurtbox/model.

I can’t think of anything else in particular at the moment.

Catalyst – Rose as a DLC fighter.

ElChakotay – Ingrid, El Fuerte, Sagat, Decapre, Ibuki, Balrog, Dudley, Makoto, Sean, Q, The Twins, Sodom, Guile, Akuma, Juri, Viper, Hugo, Poison, Guy, Cody

Zombie Interviews – Gillstolemyride

This time I’m interviewing Gillstolemyride a talented player from Italy now staying in Edinburgh. He has also commentated on my stream a few times as well as winning multiple tournaments here. He has also in the past worked on this site.

Zombie – First thanks for doing the interview,  Let’s start by doing the basics when did you get into fighting games and what game was it?


Gillstolemyride – I started playing fighting games when I was four years old, putting already the effort in by dragging huge wrought iron stools to be able to reach the cabinet.
The game that I was hooked on was obviously street fighter II The world warriors, back in 1991 (I was born in 1987) and I played it near the beach in a kiosk owned by family friends. I always thought that the owner kept the cabinet and its new versions over the years ‘cause I passionately asked him too, little did I know Street Fighter II used to pump so many coins that it was a gold mine for him.




Zombie – What brought you to the UK and how are you enjoying being here?


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MK Hub Part 1 – The MKX World



Ok so we all know Mortal Kombat X is almost upon us and im sure more than few of you cant wait to get your teeth into the competitive scene but how do you go about making sure when Fight gets called you don’t get wrecked. Of course we will have the Kombat Hubs here on but there are other places and guides you should know about. Also this is part one of the MK Hubs on the site


Test Your Might

Possibly the best known and most reliable source for all things MK featuring up to date news and a very active forum.


Not as updated news wise but it certainly contains a wealth of knowledge and guides.

Mortal Kombat Online

A Long running MK news site which started in 1998 the site seems to focus more on the mk lore then fgc type guides


Chances are if you have been around fighting games you will heard of this site. They have a news filter so you can just view news to do with MKX only and their new interactive guides feature will be of more interest than other guides on the net. You dont just see the frame data for the game you will be able to see other users ratings for the move and tips for said normal or move.


Another well known multi game site known throughout the FGC with a great active forum full of guides and frequent news updates.


Outworld UK

Are you from the UK? Looking for a site or group that will put you in contact with MK events this group is for you. Run by Ketchup and Mustard (Interviewed on site after the E3 MKX reveal) The people in it are very nice.

The Real Mortal Kombat

Another facebook group mostly for international competition but certainly worthwhile.

MKX Group Facebook

MKX Kommunity

Just a note about these two facebook groups they are mostly open to anyone to join so expect casual stuff like people getting upset their favorite character isn’t in the game to people asking for cartoon characters to be added to the game. They do however sometimes come up with the goods in terms of news and videos.


Ed Boon
Tyler Lansdown
Derek Kirtzic
Test Your Might
MK Online

Have I missed anything? let me know

Mortal Kombat X – Character Hubs Coming Soon Right Here



So MKX is on its way and as a long time MK fan I honestly cant wait… as a none next gen player im going to but in the meantime im gonna work hard to bring you guys a Character Hub to level up your game. To start with today ive collected most of the casts variation breakdowns, Most are these are from the MKast that Netherealm have being producing but some are from other sources people who have made vids based on what they have found footage wise.

Character Variants

Cassie Cage –

Ermac –

Erron Black –

Johnny Cage-

Kano –

Kitana –

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Kakutop League This Weekend Featuring Europe Best

This weekend will be held the very first edition of the KAKUTOP League (European League of USFIV). I will be hosting the show with MisterMV this Saturday at 17:00 CET for an event produced by Gaming Live.

In this competition, eight players were selected throughout Europe based on their availability and their tournament results for the 2014/2015 year.
DIG.Ryan Hart


For more info visit the site for this event